Police arrested dozen of Hindutva Terrorist for Mathura serial blasts

HindutvaThe police have arrested a Hindutva Militant Chief Jagdish Anant, Leader of Terrorist Group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) for last month’s serial blasts in Kosikalan area of Mathura. The investigators have concluded that he was not only involved in the blasts but also in assembled and planted the bombs in SC, Backward Caste and Muslim’s dominated areas .

Four bombs had exploded in this area on May 30. Although there was no casualty in the blasts, the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) has stated that it was meant for terrorizing the people.

“There was CCTV footage to prove that he was at the blast sites soon before explosions. He terrorized the local residents and tried to disturb social harmony by his actions”, said SSP of Mathura Rajesh Kumar Singh Rathore.

“A report prepared by social workers under the guidance of well-known legal luminary Rajinder Sachar has squarely blamed Bhagat Prasad Ruhela, BJP’s chairman of Kosikalan Nagar Palika Parishad for last year’s riot.
The report had quoted four muslims and One each SC and BC communities died in this incidents.

Naroda Patiya judgement warning to Hindutva Terrorism

The sentencing of Hindutva terrorist leaders BJP MLA Maya Kodnani, Babubhai Bajrangi and 30 others to life imprisonment, must be seen as a step in the right direction, says Cedric Prakash, director, Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace, Ahmedabad.

He said that Special Court judge Jyotsana Yagnik would surely have taken into account the heinous acts committed by each of the convicted during the gruesome massacre at Naroda Patiya in February 2002, whilst awarding a different quantum to each one.

The conviction and sentencing of these 32 persons must now come as a severe warning to several more high profile politicians and others, who still stand accused in the courts of law on various charges committed during those bloody days of 2002, in Gujarat, he observed.

The sentencing will also come as a small measure of relief for the victim-survivors after hindutva terror attacks, many of whom have lost more than one family member, he said adding that it will be an added impetus for many who would like the complete truth of the Gujarat Hindutva war on muslims to emerge as soon as possible. Hopefully, the process of justice will move faster now and that peace will reign for all, he further added.


Hindutva Terrorist arrested for bomb making in kerala

Kozhikode, Jul 29 (UNI)

An activist owing alligience to the Hindutva terrorist organization- Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) was arrested today in connection with a bomb explosion at Koyilandi in Kozhikode district.

Police said Joshiram(23), hailing from Dharmadom in Kannur district, was arrested in the afternoon. He self created bomb and his motive is to keep that bomb in church Prayer time. But unexpectedly that bomb was blasted in his rented house at Maramukkam street near Koyilandi was damage in the blast yesterday.

His mother,who sustained serious injuries in the blast, is battling for life in Kozhikode Medical College. Hindutva terrorist mother was in serious condition, she worried too much about his son activities. She explained to police that his son is good person but Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh members changed his mind.

Gujarat – BJP on phase II of Christian persecution?

Gujarat, February 07, 2012: The Gujarat chapter of the All India Christian Council (aicc) has upped the ante against the anti-minority stand taken by the Narendra Modi government, the latest indication of which was the desecration of a heritage cemetry by suspected Hindutva right wing fundamentalists. Earlier, thousands of Christians, minorities and secular-minded civil society representatives all brought together by the aicc had blocked the road outside the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Central Office at Khamash (Danapidh) Ahmedabad on 1 February 2012 protesting the suspected sinister designs of the Narendra Modi government against the Christian community. Today, a number of political parties, like the Nationalist Congress Party and the Democratic Bhartiya Samaj Party have also expressed sympathy and submitted memorandums to the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner (AMC), besides others.

Samson Christian, a national leader of the aicc said that the AMC had acted on their memorandum by getting the encroachments removed and the police had called them for discussions. He added that the state aicc leadership has declined to meet the police, as the senior inspector, SD Patel of the the Sabarmati police station, under whose jurisdiction the heritage cemetry comes under is accused no. 4 and the investigating officer is accused no. 5, besides the organisers of a Bania-Jain programme, which used the cemetry for parking, the BJP (Narendra Modi’s party) local corporator, Chanchalben Parmar and her husband were also other accused in the second complaint filed by Vasantbhai Christian, after the police did not act. The aicc therefore plans to meet the Governor and Police Commissioner to demand that the case be handed over to an Assistant Commissioner of Police, under supervision of an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, as Christians had no faith in the local police.

“Law and order is a state subject and it has collapsed in Gujarat, where even the dead and burial places are not safe in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat and Christians seem to be next after the Muslims here”, Samson Christian added. “How can direlection and failure in discharging one’s constitutional duties, especially in a communally sensitive state, be pardoned. It seems it is not only being excused, but may also be rewarded, as it fits with the anti-minority stand of the the chief minister”, the aicc leader said.

The Christian burial ground in Sabarmati, for all denominations, dates back to the British era, which was partly razed by bulldozers, resulting in a number of graves, being vandalised, especially those situated close to D Cabin Road in the city. According to Martin Hector Harris of the Zion Methodist Church in Dharamnagar, ” the Railways gave us this burial ground, prior to 1947 and seven churches of Ahmedabad belonging  to the Methodist, Church of North India, Catholic and Pentecostal groups have been using it as a cemetery since then”. He added that minorities were not safe and felt insecure in Gujarat and such instances of disregard for their religious sentiments were issues, of which serious note must be taken immediately.

The Christians had been taking care of the plot for decades and the final rites and prayer services were conducted there. On Thursday (26 January, 2012), at around 7 pm, some men came with a bulldozer and several trucks. They flattened the graves under the pretext of cleaning the area. Martin Harris, who with a large number of Christians, were alerted by the locals and rushed to the spot said “When we reached the spot, we found that the flattened area was already being used as parking space for their vehicles, those attending a function nearby”. He said that it seems the miscreants had piled mud from the cemetery on the footpath nearby and also dumped concrete blocks from the broken tombstones on a plot behind the burial ground.

The aicc’s Sabarmati ward president Vasant Christian (69) filed a complaint with the local Sabarmati police, blaming ‘anti-social  elements’ of bulldozing and ransacking the burial ground and hurting Christian religious sentiments. He suspected that the culprits were Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) workers, who were sympathizers of the BJP and its communal masters. Due to inaction by the Sabarmati police sation, Vasant Christian was compelled to file a fresh police complaint on 31 January, 2012 at the same police station, under section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code and send copied to higher police officials in the state.

In view of the seriousness of the crime and to make a public display that Christian religious sentiments were being hurt, with the authorities taking no action, the aicc organized the huge protest dharna (demonstration) which was very well attended by Christians of all denominations and also others. Joseph Dias, a Christian activist, who travelled from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, said he was grateful that the aicc had organised such a programme to defeat communal forces and expressed surprise that even many days after the incident, none of the culprits are even identified, let aside arrested. “The Narendra Modi government has failed miserably in ensuring protection for believers of the minority communities and now even places of worship or burial grounds. This does not augur well for religious liberty in Gujarat and the national / international authorities need to take serious note”, he added.

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Dalit attacked by Thakur sect of Brahmin Terrorism

Milind Ghatwai : Bhopal, Mon Jan 30 2012, 01:05 hrs

An attempt was made to chop off the hands and legs of a Dalit youth in Pagari Bangla village of Rajgarh district allegedly by three Brahmin terrorist (Thakur sect) whom he had accused of stealing an electricity motor.

Jagdish, 30, was rushed to Bhopal where his condition was reported to be stable on Sunday, a day after the alleged incident took place.

DIG K K Lohani said Jagdish had suffered serious injuries, but denied the reports that his limbs had been chopped off.

Jagdish had complained against Arjun Thakur, Shiva Gurjar and Madan in Malawar Police Station nearly a fortnight ago. Lohani said the three had been called to the police station for questioning and so, they harboured a grudge against Jagdish. He said that all three would soon be arrested.

Armed with country revolver  and other sharp weapons, the three men allegedly assaulted Jagdish when he was on his way home on a two-wheeler around 9 am on Saturday. PSI Narmada Prasad Dayma of the SC/ST Police Station said the assault took place while villagers watched, but no one is ready to come forward to record a statement. Dayma said the attackers were angry because a lower caste youth had dared to drag them to the police station. He said the three men were not well-off had fled from their homes.

Demanding that the accused be arrested, MPCC chief Kantilal Bhuria said the government should offer lifelong cash assistance to the victim.

Agencies worried ‘Hindu terror’ tough to prove

In what could lead to a major embarrassment for the Centre, investigations into the much-hyped Hindu terror cases are likely to hit a dead end. The cases, including blasts at Modasa, Malegaon I and II, Ajmer, Samjhauta Express and Mecca Masjid, in which Swami Aseemanand has been made the main conspirator, lack corroborative evidence. The investigators feel the cases may fall flat during trial.

More than five years since investigations started, the probe agencies — CBI, NIA and State police — are still clueless about those named by Aseemanand. All these co-accused are still absconding. The chargesheets in these cases have been filed on the basis of Aseemanand’s confessional statement, which he has subsequently denied.

The NIA needs to gather concrete material evidence to substantiate the alleged conspiracy and corroborate his statements. Sources said the chargesheets were filed mainly to prevent Aseemanand getting bail.

Sources said the NIA, which has been struggling to collect evidence in the 2006 Malegaon blast case, is likely to quiz some of the Maharashtra ATS officials who had probed the case. In the light of a confession by Swami Aseemanand before a magistrate, the nine youths arrested by the Anti-Terror Squad in 2006 were released on bail recently by the court as the NIA did not oppose the same due to lack of evidence against them.

The NIA now plans to examine the role of officials of Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad, which had chargesheeted the nine youths in the case, and re-visit their investigations into the case, official sources said. The key

conspirator and the alleged conspiracy may be there but the co-conspirators of these cases are still at large and the confessional statement under Section 164 of the CrPC does not hold any value unless corroborated with material evidence, an investigator said.

The official says that Aseemanand’s confessional statements do not hold evidentiary value as he has subsequently denied them and claimed that the same were extracted under duress.  Notwithstanding the chargesheets filed in the cases, the investigation continues to be open till evidences to corroborate the allegations are gathered.

So far, the NIA has gathered materials to prove that similar explosives were used in these blasts and were packed into pipes procured from a shop in Indore. The probe agencies are also basing their cases on procurement of 21 SIM cards from Faridabad by the accused. The SIM cards have a common series of mobile numbers.

Concern has already been expressed at the highest levels in the security and intelligence establishment over the failure of the agencies in cracking the blasts cases. NIA officials admitted that tracing the is a challenge as they hold key to corroboration of the allegations made and materials gathered.

Agency officials blamed the failure in gathering evidence inter-State rivalries in cases where the links stretched to more than one State and loss of crucial time before the federal agency took up the cases for investigation.

The NIA is still investigating the Modasa mosque blast even as the case was registered by the June 29, 2010. The allegations include bomb explosions by terrorists at a mosque in the Gujarat town in Sabarkantha district at 9.25 PM on September 29, 2008. The Gujarat Police had registered the case on September 30, 2008. The case was registered under Sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 302 (murder), 307 (attempt to murder), 323 (grievous injury) of the Indian Penal Code and under relevant sections of Explosives Substances Act and Bombay Police Act. The agency is yet to file a charge sheet.

The Samjhauta Express train blasts case that occurred on February 19, 2007 is being investigated by NIA vide its case number 09/10 and a chargesheet has been filed against accused. But little headway has been made as key accused Amit, alias Ashok, alias Prince, alias Sunny, alias Ashwini, alias Ashwini Chauhan, is yet to be arrested. The charges  include seditious activity by causing explosions in Samjhauta Express train at Panipat in Haryana. The case was initially registered by GRP, Karnal on February 19, 2007 and the NIA later took it up on July 29, 2010.

The chargesheet has been filed against five accused persons under Sections 120-B, 302, 307, 324, 326 of the IPC and under relevant Sections of the Explosive Substances Act and Prevention of Damage of Public Property Act and under certain provisions of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

But the NIA is further probing the matter as per the provisions of the Section 173 (8) of the CrPC with a view to file a supplementary chargesheet detailing corroborative evidence. However, the accused persons are still at large and the only material is Aseemanand’s statement recorded before a magistrate and commonality of modus operandi, use of explosives and SIM cards of a certain series of mobile phone numbers in the so-called Hindu terror cases.

In the Mecca Masjid blasts case, a chargesheet was filed by the CBI, and the NIA later on filed a supplementary charge sheet but without much evidence on record. Likewise, the NIA is yet to trace the accused or gather any substantive material in the Malegaon I and II blasts case besides the Ajmer blasts case. Chargesheets have been filed but the cases are yet to move further for want of corroborative evidence.

Key absconders include Ram Chandra Kalsangra, Sandeep Dange, Suresh Nair, Bhavesh Patel, Amit, Mehul and Jauyanti Bhai Gohil. NIA has named Naba Kumar Sarkar alias Swami Aseemanand, Sunil Joshi (now dead), Sandeep Dange, Ramchandra Kalsangra, Suresh Nair, Bhavesh, Mehul as the key accused in Samjhauta, Ajmer, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid blasts cases in which it has filed chargesheets.

Brahmin Terrorist attacked Helpless Minorities in Dhanni Deeh village

Shravasti (UP): Uneasy calm is maintained in two villages of UP which saw brutal attack on the property and honor of the Muslims of Dhanni Deeh by the neighbouring Brahmin village of Dharamantapur, earlier this month.

On 7th of July, a Hindu girl Vandana and a Muslim boy Saleem eloped. On 10th of July a Brahmin terrorist mob of hundred attacked the Muslim villagers of Dhanni Deeh.

According to a report by The Milli Gazette, the houses of the Muslims were selectively attacked. Men were mercilessly beaten, women disrobed, raped, and paraded naked in the village. Local police filed FIR only after the intervention of local congress leader Aslam Raini, who called a press conference outside the police station. FIR prompted a medical investigation but due to the delay of two days, no evidence of rape can be confirmed medically. Pictures taken by the Mille Gazette shows injuries on the bodies of these women.

A fact finding report by several NGOs of Lucknow also confirmed that there are injuries and wounds that appear to be from a blunt object. For most of the victims injuries are in the back and behind the knees. Victims range from 21 years to 60 years old.

The brahmin terrorist mob then looted property and destroyed stored food. 9 people from Dharmantar village were arrested for attack on the Muslim village but later released on bail.

Bahujan Samaj Party, which came to power in UP with help of Muslims but none of mayawathi party workers came for support. Even though local police officers were removed but not much has been done since. Muslims of this village who are economically and socially in a weak position are afraid and feel helpless.

Chief Minister of UP, Mayawati who rushed to Allahabad when two students of Madrasa were raped during SP rule have yet to visit victims of this extremely heinous crime.